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What is Base Solutions

Base Solutions purpose is to help companies become the best that they can be. This is done by finding simple answers to complex problems, and to facilitate finding those answers we offer consulting services.

We find “hidden” money in broken processes, capitalize on business savings and maximize investment capital. As change agents we revolutionize processes that are not working correctly, efficiently, or to their best. By setting standards, building SOP’s, and coaching we help hold the quality standard high. We then mentor leaders , from the supervisor to senior leadership on how to inspire and lead their teams, to bridge the gap between frustration and simplification.

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Business Coaching

Our passion is to help you bring your business to its full potential. By setting goals and then implementing practical and simplified processes, we guide your company to meet those goals.

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Making Connections with Clients

Making Efficiency Priority

Using LEAN principles we standardize production efficiency with no additional equipment cost to the client. This has resulted in clients often saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Making Connections with Clients

Leadership Mentoring

Training and mentoring provided to the company team. Offering compelling and dynamic training, from the supervisor on the floor to the CEO in the office.

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Ben Mcafferty


A leader, with the heart of a teacher, Ben has spent over 20 years in the manufacturing industry. He has been lucky enough to work in small, medium, and large fortune 500 companies. His constant optimism and process view on life allows him to bring a unique perspective on manufacturing. Working his way up from the manufacturing floor to executive management gives Ben the ability to roll up his sleeves and work one minute in production on a efficiency problem, and the next minute in the board room strategizing the a long term road map.

If you need help, Ben's passion is to help.

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