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Ben’s passion is helping companies to achieve a higher standard, by mentoring and working alongside each of his clients. Starting on the production floor, Ben worked his way up through areas of responsibility, by learning the different areas and dynamics of business structure and management. Having worked in the manufacturing industry for over 20 yrs, Ben worked his way up from the assembly line to Product Development, there he learned about marketing and understanding a customer’s needs to develop the right product for them. He spent time as a Supervisor, Operations Manager, GM and there learned about yields, efficiencies, setting standards, and inspiring teams to reach and surpass those standards. Ben spent time as a VP Manufacturing and CEO, and building Mission Statements, CoreValues, changing company culture to be one of openness, inspiring, and continuous improvement. Having been on his LEAN journey for over 10 yrs, Ben believes in these principles because he has seen them work over and over. By leading Kaizen Events, building Value Stream Maps, and continuously improving processes Ben can help bridge the gap between frustration and simplification.

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